Indonesia - 13 days
On the Trail of Dragons
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The vast archipelago of Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world, the fourth largest country and holds over 13,000 separate islands, with a wealth of biodiversity and different landscapes that offers superb opportunities to get off the beaten track. This Indonesia tour focusses on the eastern part of the archipelago and the island of Flores, a fascinating place where only ten years ago the remains of a separate human species were found. We visit tribal villages where the supernatural is still part of everyday life, and discover the amazing crater lakes of the Keli Mutu volcano. In bustling markets we rub shoulders with traders and farmers, and journey through stunning landscapes to find pristine beaches where fishermen haul in their daily catch. The trip finishes with a real highlight – a boat trip to the adjacent islands of Komodo and Rinca, where we search on foot for the near mythical komodo dragons, incredible creatures that can grow up to three metres and were only discovered by western science a hundred years ago. Many people visit Indonesia each year, but few make it this far, to the far flung outposts of the islands, and those that do are rewarded with a sense of discovery that is often lacking elsewhere.