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Indonesia Holidays and Tours

On the edge of Asia sits Indonesia, a huge collection of islands stretching thousands of miles and connecting the Asian mainland to Australia. Far less popular than the traditional 'backpacker trail' through the continent, this giant of a nation has much to offer the curious traveler, from incredible wildlife to rich heritage and stunning landscapes. Our Indonesia holidays and tours take you to a world where new species are still being discovered, with thick rainforests, imposing volcanoes and hidden villages that still pay tribute to ancient deities. The joy of travelling in Indonesia is that you won't find yourself jostling for space at world class sites but are likely to have places all to yourself, feeling like the first European sailors that set foot here centuries ago.

19 days

West Papua - The Last Frontier

A thrilling adventure to one of the world’s last wild frontiers. Meet the Korowai and Dani tribespeople, and explore the tropical island of Biak. West Papua is a window to the past and to a world that has disappeared from most of the globe.

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