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India is as diverse as it is large, from the tropical shores of Kerala to the mountains of the Himalayas, a huge and colourful land that has long drawn travellers seeking the unfamiliar and exotic. Our India holidays and tours focus on the parts are a little further off the well marked path – not for us the tourist trails of Rajasthan, marvelous though they may be. Head into its remotest corners to discover unique cultures that live well outside the mainstream, hiding in the peaks of Ladakh and Kashmir, a crossroads of Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist cultures and more akin to Lhasa than Delhi. Travel on remote mountain highways, visit isolated settlements and gaze in amazement at the subcontinent’s most incredible scenery. Learn about the ancient customs that still hold sway in India’s most enigmatic regions, and explore the villages of Kashmir. You’ll never think of India in the same way again.

14 days

Ladakh and Kashmir

In India’s north west lie Kashmir and Ladakh, perhaps the subcontinent’s most remote region. Visit remote Buddhist monasteries, head into the isolated Nubra Valley and stay on a traditional houseboat in Srinagar.

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