Guinea, Sierra Leone - 18 days
Guinea and Sierra Leone – The Fouta Djalon and Beyond
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Sierra Leone Holidays

Sierra Leone holidays - perhaps not the most obvious choice that springs to mind after the turmoil of recent years, but times have changed. This innovative and off the beaten track trip combines two of West Africa’s least visited countries, Guinea and Sierra Leone, both of which have been blighted in recent years by the scourges of Africa, disease and war, but are now opening up again to curious travellers keen to look beyond the dated stereotypes. With unique histories, age old traditions and inspiring landscapes, both have a huge amount to offer the Africa enthusiast.

We start in the Guinean capital of Conakry then make our way into the Fouta Djalon highlands, stopping en route to explore the lively market at Samaya - a riot of colours that exemplifies the vibrancy of West Africa. We then continue to the Fouta Djalon - without a doubt one of West Africa’s most beautiful areas, with breathtaking mountain scenery, gushing waterfalls and lush forests, dotted with traditional villages, and we spend a few days discovering the region in depth and meeting its inhabitants. Leaving the highlands behind we head to Kindia, a great place to see traditional West African crafts, then cross the border into Sierra Leone. In the remote Outamba-Kilimi National Park we look for chimpanzees, hippos and other wildlife by boat and on foot, and experience an Africa where primeval nature rules. Finally we head down towards the coast, stopping in the town of Kabala – Sierra Leone’s ‘little Switzerland’, and a melting pot of different ethnic groups. At Tacugama we have the chance to get close to chimpanzees at a sanctuary for orphans and rescued apes, then end on the beaches close to Freetown. With great opportunities to meet and interact with friendly local people throughout, this is an exciting and pioneering journey through a little known part of the continent.

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