Georgia - 8 days
Georgia – Jewel of the Caucasus
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Georgia Holidays

Georgia is a land imbued with rich and complex traditions that make it one of Europe’s most exciting destinations to visit. This short trip takes you to the heart of an almost mythical land to show you not just the highlight, but delves a little further to reveal the ancient customs and hidden secrets of this enchanting region. From Tbilisi we head first to Mtskhehta, the spiritual heart of the country with some stunning UNESCO listed monuments, before driving into the High Caucasus mountains and visiting the mythical Mount Kazbek, reputedly the site of the Greek fable to Prometheus. Returning to the lowlands we stop at Kutaisi with its striking religious buildings, then return once again to the mountains and the wild and untamed land of Svaneti, one of Europe’s most isolated and traditional areas, dominated by dramatic peaks and stone built villages where ancient watchtowers loom large over the landscape and pagan beliefs mix with Christianity. Here we meet the Svan people to learn about their unique way of life, and enjoy some of Europe’s finest scenery. Upon our return to Tbilisi we explore its multi-cultural influences, from Soviet to Persian and Ottoman, visiting its historic old quarter and the excellent National Museum for an insight into its fascinating history. Georgia is a captivating country where myth and reality intertwine and the past and present blend seamlessly to create an intoxicating atmosphere – discover an alternative side to Europe with us.

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