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Georgia Holidays and Tours

Squashed between Russia and Turkey, and with Iran just a stone's throw away, the small country of Georgia is home to a wide array of different cultural influences but also has a fascinating character of its own. With a long standing Christian heritage, as might be expected the collection of churches and monasteries encompasses some of the most impressive to be found anywhere. But it's not just about religious monuments. Our Georgia holidays and tours spend much time delving into the often arcane customs of the country, where in remote villages pagan beliefs vie with Christianity to create something very unique. Discover the spectacular mountains of the High Caucasus, Europe's highest range, where the regions of Svaneti and Tusheti cling steadfast to long held traditions in fortress style settlements. Georgia is the legendary 'Land of the Golden Fleece' imbued with a fascinating history, great food and superb wines, and our Georgia holidays will show you one of Europe's most extraordinary countries.

20 days

Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia - The Edge of Europe

A comprehensive tour through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Discover mud volcanoes and ancient Silk Road towns in Azerbaijan, see medieval villages and some of Europe's best scenery in Georgia's High Caucasus mountains, and visit ethnic minorities and learn about the rich history of the region in Armenia.

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14 days

Georgia and Armenia - Caucasus Discoverer

The best of Georgia and Armenia. See the mythical Mount Kazbek, discover ancient monasteries ad stay in the mountainous region of Svaneti, with its medieval villages, and in Armenia visit ethnic Kurdish, Yezidi and Molokan villages as well as its stunning religious monuments.

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8 days

Georgia - Jewel of the Caucasus

A one week trip to the heart of the Caucasus, visiting the mountain villages of Svaneti, the stunning religious monuments of Mtskheta, vibrant Tbilisi and the overwhelming hospitality of the Georgian people, in Europe's hidden corner.

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