Gabon - 10 days
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Gabon has been described as a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, with a huge proportion of its land designated as national parks and home to some of the continent’s most impressive wildlife. This short Gabon tour takes you to the heart of its rainforests, a land of primeval jungles, wetlands and savannah, made famous by the explorer Mike Fay in his epic trek through Central Africa. Starting in Libreville we delve into the secrets of Bwiti, a bizarre and fascinating belief system found nowhere else, and are privileged to witness a unique local ceremony and gain insights into this almost mystical religion. We travel to the old colonial town of Lambarene and take a thrilling boat journey on the Ogooué River, penetrating further into the rainforest. At Lake Oguemoue we stay in a tented camp as part of a community based tourism project, and explore the surrounding forest and waterways in search of Gabon’s rich wildlife, and also have opportunities to meet local villagers going about their daily lives. This short trip offers the chance to see Africa at its wildest, where nature rules supreme and the jungle is king. Gabon has often been called ‘Africa’s last Eden’ – come and find out why.

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