Djibouti, Ethiopia - 9 days
Djibouti and the Danakil Depression
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Djibouti Holidays

The horn of Africa is a fascinating mélange of cultures, from nomadic herders to Arabian traders and influences from across the Indian Ocean. It is also home to some of the continent’s most remote and breathtaking landscapes, a land where the taste of the wild is in the air, simply begging the intrepid traveller to explore. Starting in Djibouti we visit Lac Assal and the spectacular Lac Abbe, a vast salt lake with tall limestone chimneys belching gas into the air that looks for all the world like it should be on another planet. We then cross into Ethiopia, heading into the Afar desert and meeting the formidable Afar people, once feared throughout the region. We hike up the volcano of Erta Ale and marvel at its lava lake, visit the hot springs at Dallol - the hottest place on earth - and look out for camel caravans carting blocks of salt across the desert.

There are few places in the world that can compete with this region for real adventure.

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