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Our Equatorial Guinea holidays and tours take you to one of the most unusual and unlikely corners of Africa. A tiny nation split between the island of Bioko and the mainland, Equatorial Guinea is best known for oil and dodgy coup attempts and tourism is virtually unknown here. The only country in Africa where Spain established a significant presence, it is fast modernising but the remains of Latin colonial rule still exist in hidden corners, and scrape the surface of contemporary culture and you can find ancient traditional beliefs. On our Equatorial Guinea holidays. explore beautiful landscapes of forests and waterfalls, look for turtles laying eggs on the beach, and visit small villages where the old ways are strongest. Equatorial Guinea is short on traditional sights, but its unique nature makes it a must for anyone interested in a comprehensive understanding of the African continent.

Equatorial Guinea
12 days

Island Africa - Equatorial Guinea and São Tomé

Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tomé combine beautiful island scenery with Latin heritage, with tourism rare on both islands. Discover volcanic landscapes, look for turtles nesting, wander through old colonial streets, and see a very different side of Africa.

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