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Our Comoros holidays and tours show you a collection of Indian Ocean islands that barely anyone has heard of, infused with Arabic influences and rich with the heritage of ancient traders and pirates, with gorgeous scenery, and a laid back ambience that can make your utterly forget yourself. Imagine a magical land of volcanoes, beaches, colourful markets and spice plantations, where the pace of life is relaxed, the welcome warm and the tourists almost non-existent. Known as the ‘Islands of the Moon’ by early Arab traders, the Comoros are today a rather delightful backwater where you can trek up volcanoes, discover turtles laying eggs on the beach and mingle with friendly locals in the colourful markets. The Indian Ocean, but for those who want more than just lying on the beach – our Comoros holidays offer the chance to discover a forgotten and enchanting world.

9 days

Comoros - Islands of the Moon

Almost like a low key Zanzibar – without the tourists – the Comoros combine the heritage of Swahili culture with dramatic scenery, atmospheric towns and small country charm to offer an utterly different side to this part of the world. Visit the three islands, explore old pirate haunts and enjoy the sheer sense of adventure in being in one of the least visited countries in the world.

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