Chad - 22 days
Untamed Tibesti
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The ultimate Chad tour through an untamed land, travelling to what can rightly be called the holy grail of Saharan travel - Chad's mighty Tibesti Mountains. For a long time these jagged volcanic peaks, home to the fiercely independent Tubu people, have been out of bounds, but no longer. We leave N'Djamena to travel through the lands of the Sahel, passing nomads with their camels, to Abeche and then the north western edge of the Ennedi massif, a land of incredible eroded sandstone. We continue north exploring the palm groves and meeting the Teda clan of the Tubu, then head into the mountains a series of rocky summits that are almost completely unexplored. We stop first at the volcano of Emi Koussi, the Sahara's highest peak, and search for rock art that dates back millennia and is a testament to a time when this region was populated with large wildlife. Moving on we stop at Tubu villages, explore picturesque gorges and canyons, and drive through lands with stunning rock structures - a real photographer's delight. At the Trou au Natron we descend to the bottom of a huge crater, where local people bring their livestock to graze on the salty earth, and then head to Bardai, the home of the Tubu's spiritual leader. After thoroughly exploring this incredible mountain range we begin our journey back, crossing the renowned Erg du Djourab, a huge sand sea that is one of the Sahara's most formidable obstacles, before returning to the Sahel. Throughout this trip we will stop to meet local people, learning about their customs and how they live in such a remote and difficult area, and our excellent local knowledge means that we can gain a real insight into one of Africa's most traditional and shy ethnic groups, usually closed to outsiders. The Tibesti holds an allure that is hard to resist, one of the last places left where you can feel like a true explorer. A truly magical journey through an intoxicating land.

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