Chad - 15 days
Expedition to the Ennedi
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Chad Holidays

This has to be one of our favourite trips - a spectacular tour to Chad through remote and breathtaking lands that sums up our ethos, and takes you to places few western travellers have ever been. Starting from N'Djamena we quickly leave the tarmac roads behind and start traveling through the Sahel, passing small settlements where our presence is a complete surprise to local people. We stop to pick up supplies and draw water at wells, often meeting Keraida nomad families with their camels.  After stocking up in the market of Kalait we drive into the Ennedi, a vast collection of sandstone mountains sculpted by the wind and sand over millennia into stunning rock formations. Here we enter the land of the Tubu, one of Africa's most traditional, and least known, people and our excellent local connections give us good opportunities to meet these rather shy and secretive people. We look for rock art dating back thousands of years, and walk into the Guelta d'Archei where the Tubu bring huge herds of camels to drink at the only waterhole for miles around, in the company of one of the last populations of Saharan crocodiles, which we hope to see. Moving on we cross the dunes of the Mourdi depression on our way to the village of Demi, an important point for the trade in salt, then head to the Ounianga Lakes, where the desert opens up to reveal a series of multi-hued lakes - an almost unbelievable sight after our journey through the sands. After spending time exploring here and meeting local people, we turn to travel south, once more crossing dunes and often passing camel caravans on their way to the settled villages of the Ouaddai. On the way back from Kalait we travel through the Bahr el Ghazal region, with surprising opportunities to spot wildlife - gazelle, fennec fox and bustard are often seen.This is travel at its most exciting - raw, untamed, surprising and exhilarating. Join us to see why we are so in love with this spellbinding land.

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