Central African
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Central African Republic Holidays and Tours

Our Central African Republic holidays and tours take you to a wild land of untamed jungle, enormous rivers and enigmatic wildlife. Travel through lands where few have been before, venturing into the heart of Africa’s largest rainforest to meet local people living well outside the modern age and discover a world where nature rules. Said to hold some of the most intact ecosystems on earth, this often overlooked country offers incredible wildlife experiences – tracking gorillas in their natural habitat is hard to beat – as well as a feeling of adventure that is hard to beat. The Central African Republic has barely been explored – both conventionally and by tourism, and in some areas local people speak of unidentified beasts living deep within the swamps. Infrastructure might be poor, and services often rudimentary but our Central African Republic holidays offer experiences that are nothing if not authentic – surely the holy grail of adventure travel if ever there was one.

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