Cameroon - 13 days
Tribal Lands of Cameroon
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Cameroon Holidays

Straddling both West and Central Africa Cameroon is alive with the traditions and customs of more than two hundred and fifty different ethnic groups, a cultural mix that is at once enchanting and more than a little magical. This Cameroon tour takes you to the heart of a country much neglected by tourism, exploring lands that have seldom been visited by outsiders. Starting in the steamy city of Douala, chaotic and mesmerising, we head west to the tribal kingdoms of the highlands taking in dramatic waterfalls and lush forests on the way. We discover lands ruled by traditional chiefs that have changed little in centuries, centred around royal courts and nobles that govern in an almost feudal manner. From here we take the train to Ngaoundere - an atmospheric journey to the very different world of the north. In Poli we stay in a delightful camp and meet the semi-nomadic Mbororo and Dowayo, then hike into the isolated Vokre Mountains where few have been before. We spend time with the Dupa - an intensely traditional group of people, where women still wear skirts made of forest leaves and men hunt for game with bows and arrows. If we are lucky we may witness traditional ceremonies and celebrations, gaining an insight into a way of life that has disappeared from much of Africa with the onset of modernity. Heading back to the south we spend time in the forests and discover gorillas and chimpanzees at Mfou before heading home. A pioneering Cameroon tour that encapsulates the very best of this magical region.

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