Cameroon, Gabon - 15 days
Rhythms of Central Africa
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Gabon Holidays

The jungles of Central Africa have forever been a mysterious land, difficult to penetrate and home to bewildering array of flora and fauna that will have nature enthusiasts salivating. This unique tour to Cameroon and Gabon takes you on an incredible journey where nature rules supreme and the presence of man often seems insignificant, surrounded by thick rainforest alive with the calls of birds and monkeys. We start in Douala, then head south to the chimpanzee sanctuary of Pongo Songo, where we have unparalleled opportunities to get close to these fascinating primates. On our way to Gabon we are privileged to witness an authentic Bwiti ceremony, a spiritual ritual based around used of the psychoactive iboga root and one of the region’s most fascinating sights, before venturing once again into the forest to spend time with the Babongo pygmies, camping within their communities and learning about the numerous ways in which they have mastered the jungle. At Ndende we meet the Punu people, renowned craftsmen with a great culture of mask making, then take a thrilling boat journey on the Ogooué River, penetrating further into the rainforest. But the best is saved until the end – three full days in Loango itself, where we explore in the company of expert guides and look for gorillas, forest buffalo, elephants and with a bit of luck, hippos surfing in the sea. This trip offers the chance to see Africa at its wildest, where nature rules supreme and the jungle is king. This is not an easy journey, with some long drives, bad roads, limited infrastructure and the often infuriating bureaucracy of Central Africa to deal with along the way. But who said real adventure was ever easy? Join us to discover lost worlds, ancient traditions and the magic of the rainforest.

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