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Our Cameroon holidays and tours explore the best that this charming country has to offer. Nestled between Central and West Africa, Cameroon is home to an astonishing 250 different ethnic groups and a matching diversity of landscapes, from the jungles of the south to the Sahel of the north. Virtually off the map as far as tourism is concerned, Cameroon is home to some of the most traditional cultures in Africa. On our Cameroon holidays we head into the Alantika Mountains to meet the Koma people and learn about their unique customs, and visit semi-nomadic Mbororo communities, all of which maintain strong cultural practices in the face of ever encroaching modernity. It's a surprise that Cameroon isn't better known, and surely one day it will be, but for now enjoy being one of the few to discover the delights of a hidden African jewel.

13 days

Tribal Lands of Cameroon

Straddling both West and Central Africa Cameroon is alive with the traditions and customs of more than two hundred and fifty different ethnic groups, a cultural mix that is at once enchanting and more than a little magical. This trip takes you to the heart of a country much neglected by tourism, exploring lands that have seldom been visited by outsiders.

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13 days

Rhythms of Central Africa

Travel to the heart of Central Africa, spending time in pygmy communities, heading deep into the rainforest and looking for wildlife at Loango National Park. A unique cultural and wildlife journey through a challenging part of the continent.

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