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At the very heart of South America is the landlocked and often overlooked country of Bolivia. Much less visited than its neighbours, this captivating destination is home to an extraordinarily diverse range of landscapes. As you travel across the country the scenes change dramatically from white salt flats to dense Amazonian rainforests, and from heavenly Andean peaks to the windswept expanses of the Altiplano. Geothermal sulphur springs battle for attention against imposing volcanoes and fierce deserts. These extremes support a wide variety of flora and fauna from anacondas and jaguars, to pink freshwater dolphins and hummingbirds. The country is dotted with picturesque colonial towns and peculiar ruins and the cultural diversity and ethnic make-up in Bolivia are as varied as its landscapes. Bolivia has had three centuries of colonial rule, leaving lasting impressions on the country’s language, religion and architecture. However, indigenous cultural traditions that extend back not only before the arrival of the Spanish but also of the Incas, are ever-present, as are indigenous languages such as Aymara and Quechua. You’ll soon enough find Bolivian people making offerings to Mother Earth or ‘Pachamama’ as you will find them praying in a Catholic church. Many other indigenous traditions and rituals also stand strong, such as the blessing of cars for good luck and safe passage, which involves covering them with alcohol, and dancing with the devil at ’Carnaval’. If you want to travel to Latin America, but feel like breaking new ground, much of Bolivia is still well off the tourist trail and with witches and medicine men still about, you’ll definitely sense a sprinkle of magic…

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Bolivia Uncovered

Extraordinary scenery, strange traditions and unique wildlife are just a few of the reasons to visit this intriguing country. Sitting in the shadow of Peru and its world-famous archaeological gems, this rugged, if slightly unnerving nation, is wonderful, mysterious and perfect for the adventurous traveller...

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