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Belarus Holidays and Tours

Our Belarus holidays and tours take you to a country that in many ways is locked in time, still finding its place in the modern world - a snapshot of how much of Europe was centuries ago.This quirky and almost forgotten corner of Europe is best known - if at all - for being the last stronghold of Communism in the continent, but look beyond this and you can discover a land imbued with a complex and intriguing history, full of the type of traditions that have long since died out elsewhere. Its delightful cities and towns are a curious mix of Soviet influences, fairytale castles and ornate churches, while in the countryside enigmatic wildlife like bison, bear and wolves still roam freely in some of their last strongholds. Travel here is not always easy and the country is almost completely unaccustomed to tourism but the flipside of this is that besides a feeling of real exploration - not easily found in any of its neighbours - encounters with local people are genuine and the generous hospitality of the Belarusians is likely to be one of your overwhelming memories. On our Belarus holidays, leave the ordinary behind and discover a very different side of Europe.

16 days

Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova

Travel to the farthest reaches of Europe on a two week tour that explores three countries, and one breakaway republic. This is a truly intriguing region, full of surprises and imbued with a rich heritage that easily rivals better known parts of Europe, and best of all, it's well off the tourist map.

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