Azerbaijan - 8 days
Between East and West
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Azerbaijan Holidays

Perched on the very edge of Europe, Azerbaijan occupies an unusual position both geographically and culturally, intertwining elements of Russia, Persia, the Ottoman Empire and Central Asia. This short Azerbaijan tour takes you on a journey through a land that has remained shrouded in mystery for centuries. We start in Baku, the oil rich capital which blends the ultra-modern with the staunchly traditional, visiting its historic quarter and marvelling at the unique architecture here. Outside of the city are strange geological phenomena - flaming mountains and bubbling mud volcanoes - which has given Azerbaijan the name 'land of fire'. In the mountains we visit unique communities and historic towns packed full of ancient mosques and mausoleums where the past never seems too far away and villagers welcome us into their homes with traditional Azeri hospitality. For the truly adventurous, the enclave of Nakhchivan is just a short flight away, nestled against the borders with Iran and Turkey - few people ever make it this far and you can expect to be just about the only western travellers here. Azerbaijan deserves more recognition than it currently receives and once you've travelled here, we're sure you'll agree.

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