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From the edge of Europe to the Pacific Ocean, Asia has long enticed travellers seeking the exotic, from Marco Polo to gap year students and everything in between. This vast continent never fails to charm those who visit, with a breadth of experiences, landscapes and peoples that range from the nomadic traditions of the Mongolian steppe to the ancient burial mounds and mammoth graveyards of Siberia. We seek out the lesser visited corners - not for us the backpacker trails through India and Thailand - to allow our travellers to uncover mysteries and enigmas that have enchanted the western consciousness for centuries. Explore the majestic Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan with their incredible mosques and minarets, or search for the near mythical Komodo Dragon on the furthest islands of Indonesia. Enjoy awe-inspiring scenery in the Pamir Mountains, or meet the ‘pagan’ Kalash people of northern Pakistan. Asia casts a spell from which it is hard to escape.


Bangladesh is the subcontinent’s forgotten country, a vibrant land of rivers, islands and deltas. Discover ancient Buddhist monuments and Hindu temples, cruise in the mangroves of the Sundarbans in search of the Bengal tiger, and meet traditional tribes in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

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<p>Borneo is one of the world's great biodiversity hotspots with an incredible wealth of flora and fauna, lurking in primeval rainforests. Almost synonymous with the word remote, Borneo offers unparalleled opportunities for adventure in the jungle, tracking orangutans and staying with indigenous tribal groups. Colourful cultures, a fascinating history and a host of exotic wildlife - this is Borneo.</p>

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India is as diverse as it is large, from the tropical shores of Kerala to the mountains of the Himalayas, a huge and colourful land that has long drawn travellers seeking the unfamiliar and exotic. Head into its remotest corners to discover unique cultures hiding in the peaks of Ladakh and Kashmir, a crossroads of Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist cultures and more akin to Lhasa than Delhi. You’ll never think of India in the same way again.

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On the edge of Asia sits Indonesia, a huge collection of islands stretching thousands of miles and connecting the Asian mainland to Australia. Far less popular than the traditional 'backpacker trail' through the continent, this giant of a nation has much to offer the curious traveler, from incredible wildlife to rich heritage and stunning landscapes.

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While the south of Iraq struggles to recover from the troubles of the last decade, the northern autonomous region of Kurdistan is a bastion of stability in an otherwise fractured country. Now becoming deservedly recognised for its wealth of cultural and historic attractions, Kurdistan is quickly staking its claim as one of the most interesting places in the Middle East.

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Known, if at all, for nomads, space launches and oil, Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world, a vast swathe of plain and steppe in Central Asia. Look beyond the glittering buildings of the new capital Astana to discover centuries-old nomadic culture and glorious Islamic monuments harking back to the days of the Silk Road.

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Kyrgyzstan has a rich history of nomadic traditions and spectacular mountain landscapes, where horses are still the main way of getting around for many people, and where Islam fuses with older, pagan customs to create something rather unique. This stunning country is overflowing with opportunities to really get off the beaten track and create your own adventures.

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Mongolia is the land of Genghis Khan, of nomadic horsemen, of wide open spaces and endless horizons, and its very name is synonymous with remote. This breathtaking country offers superlative opportunities to leave the beaten track far behind, forge your own path, and experience some of the most incredible landscapes you’re ever likely to see.</p>

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Pakistan offers an intoxicating blend of traditional cultures and superlative scenery. Meet the ‘pagan’ Kalash people in their mountain fastness, and explore atmospheric settlements that have changed little since the first British explorers made their way here during the ‘Great Game’. Travel in Pakistan retains a true sense of adventure that leaves an indelible impression on this who make the journey here.</p>

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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a treasure trove of tribal culture, from the yellow painted Huli people of the highlands around Tari to the crocodile venerating tribes of the Sepik River. If anywhere could be described as a lost world, Papua New Guinea comes closest...

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Spanning both Europe and Asia and by far the largest country on earth, Russia defies neat descriptions but instead offers a bewildering range of diversity that makes it difficult to know where to start. Discover ancient burial mounds dating back millennia, meet local shamans, and share stories and dinner with nomadic reindeer herders over a camp fire deep within the taiga.

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Saudi Arabia

The giant of the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia is a land shrouded in mystery, ancient traditions and misperceptions. From the cosmopolitan city of Jeddah with its Ottoman influences, to the remote desert stronghold of the Nabataeans at Madain Saleh, this is a land of extreme contrasts. Come with us to discover lost cities, ancient rock art and more.

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Dominated by the jagged Pamir Mountains the small country of Tajikistan was once the battleground of the Great Game. Squashed between China, Afghanistan and Central Asia, this little known country is home to isolated valleys, 7000 metre peaks and amazing wildlife including the elusive snow leopard. Tajikistan will simply take your breath away.

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Magnificent snow-capped mountains - ethereal in their beauty. Grasslands grazed by yaks, mighty gushing rivers, sutra-chanting monks and heart-warming nomads. With barren rock landscapes, windswept plateaux, the vibrant mustard-yellow fields, and striking blue glacial lakes, the intensity of Tibet’s landscapes will capture your attention and grasp it tight, while its people, traditions and culture will gently charm those who visit.

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They don't come much quirkier than Turkmenistan. With a glittering capital awash with white marble and monuments, to foreboding deserts that were once home to feared tribes, flaming gas craters in the middle of the desert, dinosaur footprints as well as stunning monuments old and new, Turkmenistan deserves a lot more attention than it currently receives.

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There is nowhere else like Uzbekistan. The crowning glory of Central Asia, it is packed full of some of the most exquisite Islamic architecture you could ever hope to see, with well preserved cities that were integral to the ancient Silk Road. Uzbekistan exudes atmosphere and exoticism, and to travel here is like stepping back in time.

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