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Armenia Holidays and Tours

Our Armenia holidays and tours allow you to discover the world's oldest Christian nation with an astounding collection of ancient churches and monasteries, beautiful landscapes and a troubled history. With influences ranging from Ottoman Turkey, Imperial Russia and ancient Persia, visitors to this delightful country will be surprised at every turn as they discover one of Europe's hidden gems. On our Armenia holidays explore one of Europe's furthest corners, with UNESCO World Heritage Sites nestled in amongst dramatic hills, attractive and well preserved towns and charming villages that haven't changed much in centuries. Add to this the surprisingly cosmopolitan capital Yerevan, the self declared republic of Nagorno Karabakh and some excellent walking opportunities in the mountains and you can only wonder why Armenia isn't better recognised.

7 days

Ancient Armenia

Uncover the secrets of a truly enchanting country on a short trip that shows you a side of the continent you never knew existed. This trip blends Armenia's magnificent monuments and history with an insight into its rich cultural heritage, and is ideal for anyone wanting to learn about and experience this rather unusual corner of Europe.

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20 days

Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia - The Edge of Europe

A comprehensive tour through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Discover mud volcanoes and ancient Silk Road towns in Azerbaijan, see medieval villages and some of Europe's best scenery in Georgia's High Caucasus mountains, and visit ethnic minorities and learn about the rich history of the region in Armenia.

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14 days

Georgia and Armenia - Caucasus Discoverer

The best of Georgia and Armenia. See the mythical Mount Kazbek, discover ancient monasteries ad stay in the mountainous region of Svaneti, with its medieval villages, and in Armenia visit ethnic Kurdish, Yezidi and Molokan villages as well as its stunning religious monuments.

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