Angola - 11 days
Expedition to Angola
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Angola Holidays

Join us on a unique journey through Angola, an utterly wild part of southern Africa that is only now beginning to open up to tourism. Focussing solely on Angola rather than combining it with the well trodden lands to the south, this unique tour covers the remote south of the country, a land that the modern world has barely touched, of vast unspoiled wildernesses and tribal groups following time honoured traditions. Starting in the capital Luanda we have time to explore before flying south to the city of Lubango, our springboard for venturing into the interior. Lubango offers an intoxicating mix of old Portuguese architecture and the joyful chaos of contemporary Africa, and from here we head to nearby villages to visit the Muila people whose hairstyles have to be seen to be believed. Next we travel south to the tribal region surrounding the remote town of Oncocua. This area is home to the hunter gatherer Mutua, the colourful Mucuwana and of course the Himba, those icons of southern Africa, and here far less modernised than their counterparts in Namibia. This enchanting region is nothing less than a lost treasure chest of African anthropology.

Heading west we explore the beautiful landscapes and prehistoric rock art of Tchitundo Hulo, visit remote oases and travel into the lands of the Mucubal people. Few have heard of this fascinating ethnic group, and meeting them is a snapshot of the ancient ways – some of their most interesting traditions include teeth sharpening and incredibly elaborate headdresses. Accompanied by expert guides we travel sensitively through remote communities and settlements in an effort to understand the customs and ancient practices of the region’s most traditional peoples, staunchly holding on to their way of life and for whom the outside world is barely relevant. Carefully designed and researched, this trip is one of a kind and offers intrepid travellers the chance to see a world which may not exist for much longer, and travel on paths that few have ever imagined, let alone trodden. Join us on the ultimate Angolan adventure.