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Our Angola holidays and tours focus on the culturally rich southern part of the country, home to traditional ethnic groups living in isolation in the bush that haven’t changed their ways of life for centuries. It’s hard to get off the beaten track in the well trodden trails of southern Africa – except in Angola. Cut off from the rest of the world by war until 2005, this vast country represents adventure on a grand scale and the chance to discover a hidden world of stunning scenery, fascinating tribes and more. On our Angola holidays, soak up the atmosphere of old colonial settlements, embark on challenging drives through trackless wilderness, and search for prehistoric rock art left behind by the early inhabitants of this land. Spend your nights camping next to villages that have rarely seen visitors, meet the unique Himba people, and explore desert oases. Angola is one of the last blank spaces on the tourist map of Africa – join us and discover your most exciting adventure yet.

11 days

Expedition to Angola

Focussing solely on Angola rather than combining it with the well trodden lands to the south, this unique tour covers the remote south of the country, a land that the modern world has barely touched, of vast unspoiled wildernesses and tribal groups following time honoured traditions. Search for prehistoric rock art, discover old colonial settlements and meet some of the last truly traditional peoples of southern Africa.

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