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Albania Holidays and Tours

Our Albania holidays and tours discover a hidden land where age old customs that have long been abandoned by the rest of Europe are still revered. The 'Land of Eagles', its ragged mountains are home to isolated and traditional communities, while towns are packed full of the remnants of the various civilisations that have left their mark here. Isolated from the rest of the world for so long, Albania is a country at the crossroads of east and west, with Ottoman bazaars and unique preserved old towns that grace the UNESCO Heritage list. Tucked away in long forgotten corners lie the ancient cities of the Romans, while imposing fortresses bear witness to a history of resistance against foreign occupation. On our Albania holidays discover dramatic coastal scenery, picturesque monasteries and a culture that is beginning to rediscover itself. Albania is blissfully free of foreign visitors but is just starting to open its doors to the outside world now. Travel here is not always easy - it is one of the least developed countries of Europe, but for those looking for something completely new, Albania's rewards justify the visit.

15 days

Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro

Explore the hidden secrets of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, on the very edge of Europe. Discover historic cities and ancient Roman ruins, enjoy one the world's most breathtaking boat journeys through the Albanian Alps, and visit beautifully preserved towns like Berat. Meet the Gorani people and stay in mountain villages. A fascinating and very different side of Europe.

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