2016 and beyond…..

2015 is now ending, and what a year it's been for us at Native Eye. We've run some fantastic new trips in Kazakhstan, Central Africa and Ivory Coast among others and travelled with some great people along the way, sharing stories over camp fires in pygmy camps, negotiating rough tracks through the desert and seeing some of Africa's most incredible ceremonies. And we have a great 2016 lined up, with new trips in Europe, Africa and Asia to tempt you.

In January we'll be running the first departure of our 'Island Africa' tour, covering two of the continent's least visited countries, Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome. As well as this we're heading back to South Sudan to discover the tribal cultures of the Toposa, Lotuko and other ethnic groups, tucked away in a remote corner that few westerners have ever visited.

For 2016 we've introduced a couple of trips to Russia - 'a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma' as Winston Churchill so eloquently described the country. We're very excited to be visiting the Russian Caucasus, with its amazing scenery and fascinating history, but also to head to the remote and vast region of Yakutia in Siberia, to explore mammoth graveyards, meet horse herders and see the striking Lena Pillars.

In Europe we've introduced a new tour in Bulgaria - surely one of the most underrated countries on the continent - visiting its splendid monasteries, staying in rural guesthouses and discovering well preserved villages straight out of medieval times.

And in Africa we'll be running our epic 'Marrakech to Bissau' tour, travelling from the souks of the Maghreb to the stunning Bijagos Islands, traversing the remote deserts of the Western Sahara, visiting the fabled city of Chinguetti, exploring Senegal's Casamance region and much more.

And finally, we're very excited to be heading to Angola this year - our 'Expedition to Angola' tour will be discovering the incredible ethnic diversity that exists here, in a region that could perhaps rival Ethiopia's Omo Valley for authentic tribal cultures.

As 2015 ends, we're heartened to see that the terrible scourge of Ebola now seems to have disappeared from West Africa, making travel in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea feasible once more - we're looking forward to operating trips here in November, and hope you can join us!

We'll be exhibiting at the Adventure Travel Show in London's Olympia on 23 and 24 January, and we'd love to meet you to talk about travel plans. If you plan on attending, you can get your tickets for just £4 when booking in advance - just quote 'NATIVEEYE' when booking online at www.adventureshow.com.

That's it from us - happy 2016....!

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